Introducing The Empowered Patient

In this month’s #BCCEU Twitter chat we will be discussing the rise of the ePatient movement.

What is an e-patient?

If you are reading this right now, chances are you are an ePatient. ePatients are equipped, empowered, educated, engaged, and enabled to make their own decisions, talk with their medical team on an equal footing and take active participation in their medical care. ePatients want to learn more about their health, their condition and their treatment and share what they have learned with their peers.

Join us for #BCCEU

Join us at 8.30 pm GMT on Thursday 4 April for an online discussion on the empowered patient.  The following is a list of topics we will cover in our hour-long chat.

T1: What is an ePatient?

T2: What is driving the ePatient movement?

T3: What obstacles do ePatients face?

T4:What can healthcare providers learn from ePatients?

T5: What is the future of the ePatient movement?

You can sign up now via our Facebook page.

We welcome guests from outside Europe who can share their perspective and experience on the topic (please refer to the world clock to see what time this chat takes place in your particular time zone).

Quick reference: EST & CST(GMT-5) ; CET (GMT+1)


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